Queen of the South - Season 3 - Alfonso Herrera to Recur

Herrera will play Javier Gallegos, a mercenary willing to kill for the highest bidder. His brash, untamed nature puts him at odds with his new boss: Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga).
"Alfonso is coming onboard in the role of Javier, the cousin of Boaz Jimenez," executive producer and showrunner Natalie Chaidez tells THR. "He's been a soldier in the Jimenez organization for many years. He's a bit of a playboy. In contrast to James (Peter Gadiot), he's a big character that's larger than life. He loves the ladies, he loves to party and he rides a motorcycle. He's being introduced during the back half of the season when Javier joins the fold when Teresa and Boaz come to an unexpected alliance."

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2018-06-07 в 07:41 

Milena Main
Мы, боевые мотыльки, в огне не горим / Деловая снежинка с тазиком оливье
Ох, не хочу я "Королеву Юга" смотреть. Но где ж его иначе выловишь-то.

2018-06-08 в 09:08 

Milena Main,
И не говори. Редкая птица) Я над сериалом давно еще раздумывала, но почему-то решила не начинать, а теперь вот..)


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